Hello and welcome to my new blog! I am a college student trying to juggle my first semester of student teaching, being a vegan, sorority priorities, friendships, working out, having no money, spending time with my friends, and keeping up my grades! I have been vegan since August 2010, but with having a chef living in a sorority house, it is very difficult. I buy all my own food and basically live out of a microwave and styrofoam bowls.

Before you start making assumptions, I am not your typical sorority goal. I joined to make new friends in college because several of my high school classmates attend the same college I do. I do like to go out every once and a while, but school work comes first. I am on the executive board for the Panhellenic Association, which is basically in charge of all the sorority chapters on my campus. I wanted to be an executive member so I can change how other people view sorority’s and stop stereotyping them.

I always had a lot of friends in high school. I had a group of twelve girls that I considered my best friends. Having all of these girls in my life though caused me so much drama. There was always some sort of fight occurring that always brought me down. I also always had a boyfriend. This has changed…ALOT. I am no longer friends with most of the girls from my high school and I can’t even think about having a boyfriend. My second semester of my freshmen year of college I was diagnosed with a severe illness that forever changed my life. I found a lump in my breast that was tiny, but scary. Instead of my friends being there for me, they left me. I decided to take my sadness out on my eating which led me to disordered eating. I pretty much only ate vegetables and worked out WAY TOO MUCH. I remember looking in the mirrior and being disgusted with my body. For me, It was never about how I looked, I was just deeply depressed. I started seeing a school psychologist, dietician, and doctor regularily. It was diffiuclt because I had so much going on it was hard to pinpoint why I restricted eating.

I recovered from my illness, made new friends, gained weight back, and am happy as ever. In August 2010, I finally decided to get help with my stomach problems that I was having. I was diagnosed with an allergy to casein which has increasingly gotten worse. I chose to become a vegan and it has made such a positive influence in my life. It helped me balance my eating with working out and I found my “happy” weight. I am experiencing all of these new types of foods that I do not miss ice cream, cheese, or cookies at al(ok, maybe cookies I do miss).I also started reading vegan blogs which helped reassure me I was not alone in any of this. I hope with this site, I can help others overcome their life obstacles like other blogs have helped me! I hope you enjoy!


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