Foods I Love

I would wish I could say I was one of Alicia Silverstone’s “superheroes” and cook all of my meals using all organic ingredients, but I would be the biggest liar in the world! I am in college, do not have a stove, no money, or time to make those meals. These foods probably are not ideal, but they work for me! So here are a few of my favorite staples that I eat all the time:


I eat apples everyday. They are perfect for breakfast, snacks, salads, and even dessert! My favorite are definitely Honeycrip when they are in season. I also really enjoy Fuji 🙂

Soy Crisps

There are way healthier than normal potato chips and have a good amount of protein per serving. My favorite flavor it BBQ but I have also tried the deep sea salt flavor and onion and vinegar. Be careful- Not every flavor is vegan!!!

Luna Bars

I eat these for a quick breakfast. They have a good amount of protein and healthy fat to keep me full for a while. My mom is also ADDICTED to them! My favorite flavor is Dulce De Leche.

Soy Pudding

One word. YUM! I buy this at whole foods and make my mom bring me tons of it whenever she comes to visit me 🙂 I have only tried the Swirl flavor, but there is also chocolate, vanilla, and banana.


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