Recipe for a Lazy Sunday


1 Lazy college student

1 Even lazier high school senior (a.k.a my sister)

1  Angry Father

1 Woodfield Mall

1 Red Robin Restaurant

1/2 cup crankiness



Take the lazy college student and lazy high school and mix them together. Add the crankiness gradually. Stir well. Bake in oven for 350 degrees or until we got to the mall with our dad. After shopping at the mall and helping sister pick out skirt, sprinkle delicious Red Robin burgers and fries on top. Serves 3!


I was planning on working out today. That did not happen! Oh well, I was happy to be working on my blog all day. I just ate some delicious vegan ravioli watching America’s Next Great Restaurant. I am glad that some of the contestants are trying to make more healthier options. Makes me happy 🙂


Picture of my sister Audrey and I


Enjoy your night!



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