Spring Break 2011 in the Beautiful….Public Library?

Instead of spending my spring break here……

This is a picture of Jupiter Beach, Florida, where my condo used to be.

I am currently at the public library working on the tons and tons of homework assignment my teachers decided to assign me. Being a special education major is tough work! Not only am I teach two days a week, I have class from 9am-5pm the other two days where I get assigned projects galore!

Today I had a quick check up at the doctor and then just so happened to drive past Sunset Foods.

Has anyone ever been here?

Honestly, I was not super impressed. I was hoping it would have been more like a Whole Foods, but it was more like a Jewel trying to be Whole Foods by offering some vegan options but still having normal groceries. They did have a nice selection of fresh sushi though 🙂

I picked up these….

Yes, some large lima beans that I wanted to try in a recipe I found on ohsheglows.com. I will let you know how it turns out!

So my recipe today?

I threw in a little bit of everything. Exercising, spending time with my dad, shopping, cookie, homework, and bachelor! Stir these all together for a great Monday!

Have a great night!



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